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My name is Kath, and this website is my Kulinary Adventure. I am an enthusiastic home cook and baker from Sydney, Australia. I am also a law graduate and currently work for an Australian charity in their Fundraising department. 

I began this website in January 2014, and since then my focus and purpose for the blog has evolved. I began this blog, not long after graduating from uni, to fulfil my love of food and baking. Baking has been the only constant interest I have had all my life. I am passionate about food and enjoy the process of baking, and sharing the results with others. 

Now, three years on from starting this website, my focus remains on food and baking. However I am also enjoying delving into the worlds of food photography and styling, as well as finding my writing 'voice' and discovering a new world of writing outside of the academic forms of writing I was used to.

Part of the evolution of my blog has involved me being able to actually understand what my true purpose for this space is.  Almost in a way that I can now articulate what I have been trying to do here all along. Whilst having always lived in the city, I have come to realise that I am a more quiet and slower paced person. I enjoy the process of cooking and preparing things others may think are a waste of time as they can be much more easily bought. The feeling of cooking or baking something from scratch and being able to enjoy eating it (or sharing it with others)  brings me so much joy and contentment. I also absolutely love cooking from heirloom recipes, either my families or others. I love the connection you can feel between the recipe and the resulting food, to the people who once made it. 

After all of this, I now realise I have been searching for a slower way of life than the city can really provide. I have noticed myself making a conscious effort to remove myself from the hustle of the city and the fast pace of life that results. I make a massive effort to not have every day of my week scheduled to the max, and time on the weekend with no plans except to potter around the kitchen or relax. While my health does prevent me from being able to live a busy and over scheduled life, I always feel like I've won a little victory when my day can be spent this way by choice. I almost get frustrated when I can't spend any time at home, as to me a weekend without baking is like a weekend wasted. 

In short, I feel I am searching for elements of 'country living' or 'slow living' despite living in the city. Baking is a major way I feel I am slowing down, relaxing, feeling content and most importantly, temporarily removed from the fast pace of modern city life. And thus the recipes on this blog are not only my journey to come to this conclusion, but now my way of living, relaxing and enjoying food.

I hope you will enjoy following along in my Kulinary Adventure - A City Girl Baking Her Way to a Slow Life. 


                                                                                   . . . . . . .


A few notes: 

- Recipes presented on this blog are made using a fan-forced oven and an electric stove until June 2016, and now switching between induction and gas stovetops. Results and/or cooking times may vary using other types of ovens or stovetops. It is always best to know your oven, and remember that cooking times act as a general guide as no oven or stovetop will be the same. 

- Any posts categorised under 'Cookbook Challenge' have been chosen in an attempt to utilise the many cookbooks I have in my collection, which is in excess of 150 books. I also find it a useful way to source inspiration and force myself to move away from my favourite flavours or techniques (though I'm not sure I achieve the latter all that much!) 

- NB. Please do not use any of my content without my permission. I am happy to share, please just ask and cite my blog if you use any of my work, thank you. All writing, baking, styling and photography on this website are my own (Kathryn Vincent). Some recipes have also been developed by me. 

- If I adapt a recipe or use someone else's recipe on this blog I will always make this known in my post, cite the original work or post a link to the original recipe in the post. You can reach me at kulinaryadventuresofkath[at]gmail[dot]com or via the contact page of this blog if you have any queries about this or my work. 


 Photo Credit: Jackielyn of  Inside the Treasure Chest

Photo Credit: Jackielyn of Inside the Treasure Chest