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Hi, I'm Kath - I am a keen food stylist, photographer and recipe developer currently living in Sydney but baking my way to a country state of mind as much as I can! I believe that slow living doesn't mean doing less, rather spending more time doing what you love. 

In my case, that's baking, rediscovering old recipes, enjoying good local ingredients and sharing these things I love though recipes and photography.

I find that baking helps me focus my energy on the things I love doing through the meditative nature of mixing cake batter, scooping out biscuits or rolling out pastry. And having something sweet to eat at the end doesn't hurt either!

I started baking years ago with my Mum and Grandma, and they’ve never been able to get me out of the kitchen since!

My love of baking and food has now turned into a love of food photography and styling, as well as creating new recipes. I love capturing the perfect photo of what I have created, and what started off as me simply recording what I was making has turned into becoming a food photographer and stylist for others too.

I really enjoy capturing other peoples products and food creations and being part of their culinary adventure, helping them capture their hard work and showcase what they offer to their customers or audience. I also create recipes for businesses and other creatives which showcase their products and promote their story. You can find examples of my work here.

All of this work started off because I began blogging about food and recipes back in 2014. I still continue to add recipes and blog posts to this day. This is where my online kulinary adventure began and you can take a look at the blog here, or check out a list of recipes that have been posted over the years here.

This year my personal recipe and photography work has extended beyond the blog into eBooks. I have released two titles this year, ‘Baking with Rose’ and ‘Cosy Winter Bakes’. To find out more check out my online store.

Thanks for stopping by and following my kulinary adventure, if you would like to know more about me and the work I do, you can contact me here.

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